Winter Weather and The 12 Days of Christmas

Wow, what a week!  On Christmas night (thankfully after dinner), our power went out and returned Friday at 2:00 p.m. due to an intensive snow blizzard.  Yes, a blizzard…10 inches worth.  For us, that’s a blizzard!  Handyman Husband stayed in the freezing house with the gas logs, and the kids and I went to our dear friends, Candy and Brad’s home.  So thankful to them for opening their warm home to us!!!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!  Officially, the 12 days of Christmas began on the 25th and continues through January 6, Epiphany.  As many begin taking down their Christmas, we usually keep ours up until January 6; however, I’ll confess…I took ours down yesterday…only the inside.  We are one of the last homes “lit” for the season (the outside will remain).   So, I’m closing out 2012 with a few more pictures of our Christmas decor…


 I really enjoyed the simplicity of the dining room this year!  The large nutcracker is a new addition!


The vintage Christmas balls adorning the punch bowl with their sparkle and color was fabulous!


The mantle decor was my favorite this year!  The large pinecones and the greenery surrounding the pheasant screamed “natural” to me which I adore!



Our stocking holders are Santa and his reindeer!  I’ll share our needlepoint stockings next year!


My Snow Village collection began in the early ’90’s thanks to Mother and Daddy and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Charles!  I love the Adirondack Mountains and began collecting their “cabin” line!  It now reminds me of Big Cedar Lodge!







We enjoyed its village like glow in the den this year!  And the kids had so much fun “playing and creating!”


Last but not least, is our Christmas tree!  (And I do believe, it’s leaning!!!)  I was thrilled to inherit my parent’s tree this year.  After many years of cutting down our own, we’ve gone artificial.  However, the beauty is we can always have a real tree whenever we desire!  In my parent’s home, this tree housed 2,400 ornaments!!!  I have to say I had 1 1/2 boxes of ornaments that never made it to the tree…next year!


Here are a few of my favorites that made it to the tree this year…my “Arkansas” Christopher Radko that Handyman Husband gave me several years ago!


This year, he added a signed Waterford ornament!


Several of my “New York” ornaments finally made it to the tree!  They’ve been in storage…I celebrated my 30th birthday in NY!  That tells you how long they were in storage!!!




My family started a tradition YEARS ago…saving gift tags and turning them into ornaments!  So glad, I have one from my Yaya!!!


We turn anything into ornaments!  Here’s an animal cracker box given to Elizabeth from Big Yaya!


I try to sign and date all ornaments!


This gorgeous ornament was given to us this year by Christopher, a friend from church.  Gorgeous!!!  It’s hand painted from the inside!!!



Decorating the Christmas tree for us means walking down memory lane!  Someday, we may have a “themed” tree, but for now, the eclectic kind is perfect!  This ornament is from my mobile over my crib as a baby…I told you we turn anything into an ornament!  And so glad Mother did!!!

Lots to see today after being absent for a week!  So glad to be back!  Here’s a glimpse of the blizzard…


Thank goodness for Handyman Husband’s duck hunting gear!


It’s unfortunate that many of our trees and shrubs were horribly damaged due to this storm.  However, it’s Mother Nature, and the people inside the house is what makes it a home!!!


So here’s to the 12 Days of Christmas and to a Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

Until next year!

Enjoy the day!


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