Winter Decor

January is probably the one month when the “extra details” are nonexistent as far as the holidays go.  The grass is definitely not green, Christmas has passed, and holiday decor is not up again until Valentine’s Day.  For us, this month is a time to rest, relax, and recuperate.  We’re like bears, when it’s dark outside, our philosophy is to be inside.  Although not much ” extra decor” is around the house, it’s nice to breathe a bit and enjoy the simplicity of the home.”  Enjoying nature is a way to enjoy our philosophy this time of year…


Country Living

Everything about this I love!  (It’s the very first “stock” photo I’ve used!)  The slipcovered chair, the “Jana Hunter Interior’s Green pillow,” the rustic urn filled with white hyacinths (bringing in that touch of spring) surrounded by moss, the wood decking along with the rock wall, and the hint of evergreen in the background!  A lot is going on; however, it’s simple, fresh, soothing, and restful!


For the New Year, I brought in calla lilies!  They are romantic and artful!


Their simplicity and airiness allows you to breathe while enjoying their graceful lines!


I have to admit…these lovely tropical leaves caught my eye first!  Reminds me of the tropical in my bedroom!


When displaying flowers, an odd number always speaks volumes!


So, on this January 2nd morning, I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee in the living room while admiring these pretties in the dining room!  2013 is off to a great start…

Happy Spaces= Happy Faces!

Personally, I love this simple time of year!  Do you?

Enjoy the day!



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