And More Antlers!

Like I said, I love antlers!  They provide a masculine touch in a room.  Our living room is very feminine in color as well as the lines of the furniture.  It’s definitely a room that I thoroughly am enjoying while having my coffee, drink of choice, and perusing magazines.  However, it’s the masculine details that really make the room.  Such as my “found objects” from my trip to Connecticut, my recent turtle shell find, and now the new addition…



A pair of large antlers!  I did purchase these.  (Handyman Husband is not a deer hunter per say but would like to try the sport!)  I love their stature, they give that great masculine punch!  They flank the large gold framed mirror in the living room.  This one is a tad larger and hangs to the left of the mirror.


And these antlers are to the right of the mirror!


Handyman Husband did a fab job of mounting the antlers for me!  He camouflaged the screws in the most creative way!  The shields mimic the newly recovered dining chairs!


LOVE the new addition!


So with the help of my “found objects,”


And of course, the turtle shell, I’m definitely enjoying the masculine details in this room!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


P.S. Happy Happy Birthday Mother!

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