Magnolia Wreath

For a few years, I longed for a wreath for the mirror in the dining room which is now the living room.  I thought about creating one but waited.  So glad I did!  Last year, I found this fabulous magnolia wreath!  Magnolias are the quintessential Southern tree staple.  We planted one honoring Daniel’s birth.  (It saddens me to think many branches were destroyed by our blizzard…prayers for her strength to branch out again!)  My thoughts were to bring the magnolia wreath out for Christmas.  Well, I just wasn’t able to take it down with the rest of the Christmas decor…


 Although artificial, it looks real to me!



The wreath really adds dimension to the room!



So, as the Christmas lights were officially turned off last night as the 12 days of Christmas have come to a close, my magnolia wreath will stay for a bit and will remind me of the glorious time we just celebrated!

Did you keep any Christmas decor up in your home?

Enjoy the day!


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