Bringing the outdoors in is a true treat especially this time of year!  Several years ago, Mother, Elizabeth, and I created terrariums…


It was such a fun day as we searched for our plant material and jars.  Mother had already gathered the other necessary things.


We layered pebbles, soil, and charcoal.  The charcoal helps keep the soil clean.  Next, we planted our plants and watered just a bit!


And now I am still enjoying my “garden under glass!”  It’s amazing how this terrarium has grown over the years!


The lid not only helps keep the moisture in, but the plants inside as well!


The variegated leaves add a nice touch, and I love the different textures!


I rarely water, and you can see how much moisture it keeps!


I really think the direct incandescent light helps this terrarium grow.  It’s been in the same place for over 3 years now!

Are you ready to create a “garden under glass?”

Enjoy the day!


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