Secretary Desk: Painted

I posted whether to paint or not to paint my secretary desk here.  I never showed the “after” pictures of the desk painted!  I love it…



I taped a swatch of the blue I was pondering, and it kept growing on me…I knew I was ready to paint!


And here it is!


I was able to keep the integrity of the original desk by only painting the inside.  It just needed a facelift with a nice soothing pop of color!



I enjoyed styling the shelves because you know I love to tell a story!


Every piece means something to me; it’s just not “filler.”  I’m loving the blue and white and am now thinking of collecting more for the two corner cabinets.


I’m so pleased with the results!  Now it’s on to the dining table…to paint or not to paint?

Enjoy the day!


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