Secretary Desk: Styled

Before Christmas, Mother said she loved how I had styled my secretary desk, and she wanted me to style her secretary desk.  I was shocked since I loved her secretary desk.  When I attended the Design Blogger’s Conference last year, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Martyn Lawrence Bullard from the hit show “Million Dollar Decorators” on Bravo.  He said when your work is copied, it’s the best form of flattery.  That statement has resonated within me since!  Take it as a compliment when someone copies you!  And I was truly flattered when Mother asked me to decorate her desk!  So, today I’ll share my desk…



 Here is the “inspiration!”


Each item tells a story!  The gold frame was purchased from The Venetian’s gift shop in Vegas for my 40th.  The small twig frame was bought during our last trip to Big Cedar (which still needs a picture!).  And the family photo in the mirrored frame is a favorite!


This gift from Handyman Husband is truly special…it says it all and even has a fleur-de-lis!


I found this dish at the country store in Falls Village, CT, after leaving Bunny William’s home!


For now, the dish is housing this Waterford crystal cross HH gave me for Christmas!  (He did great on the Waterford this year…and all are signed and dated!)


The Waterford crystal wedding couple was given to me this year on our wedding anniversary…thank you again HH!  And I did a post about my Limoges collection here!


This silver sugar bowl is now used to hold my pens and pencils (of which I need to replenish!)  The reading glasses are now in use!!!


Elizabeth gave me this sculpture for my birthday!  Priceless!


And I adore this black and hand painted gold vase…the succulent works great with no drainage!


I enjoy thinking “outside the box” for containers!


Each time I sit at my desk it brings me joy as I reminisce and smile!  Tomorrow I’ll share Mother’s secretary desk with you!

Enjoy the day!


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