A Birthday Gift for Mother

As you know from yesterday, Mother asked me to style her secretary desk.  So, I did just that for her birthday…


Mother painted her secretary several months ago, and I love the color!  Here is a before of her desk top!


Mother and Daddy’s home is like ours, it tells a story too!  Everything on her desk has meaning I simply restyled everything!


Here is the “after.”  It was great fun antiquing for items similar to my desk!


IMG_9177 How great is this paperweight?  An older photo of my grandparents…I had to keep this on display!


The gold frame with white mat is awaiting a picture of the grandchildren!  The hexagon box adds a masculine touch.  As I was wrapping the shell dish, I was shocked when I noticed the lily of the valley for the first time!  This flower was my YaYa’s birth flower, and butterflies also remind us of her!


A sweet photo of the kids with Daniel wearing his baptismal outfit!


Mother’s Limoges collection is extensive thanks to her dear friend, Kathy!  The sterling silver small dish holds special found objects!


Instead of using a sugar bowl, I found this petite silver teapot.  Perfect for Mother since she has tea daily!  It’s filled with pens and pencils (and that’s why I need to refill mine!) and a birthday present from Elizabeth!


She used leftover materials from her own birthday party!


I kept the silver toast holder out because I fondly remember it growing up.  Mother places letters and notes instead of toast!  The succulent is faux as Mother does not do real plants indoors.  It’s awaiting a black and hand painted gold vase similar to mine.  Our dear friend, Carole, from church has one I’m buying, but it’s currently in a box in her garage!  Come Spring, Mother will have it!  And the dog statue is a must…it’s a replica of Harriet, our dog growing up!


A soap dish repurposed for paper clips!


So here is my desk…


And here is Mother’s desk!


Oh so fun, and she loves it!  That’s what matters the most!  Happy Birthday Mother!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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