Stop the Car!

Have you ever been driving, glance over, and notice a pile of furniture sitting on the curb?  You then circle once, then twice, and maybe three times checking it out and looking to see if anyone is watching?  Yep, I’ve done this a time or two…


I found this faux bamboo desk/vanity table with matching mirror.  I knew it just needed some TLC, and this set would be good as new!  There was a bit of water damage towards the back hence the dark area.


Nothing a little paint couldn’t fix!  The mirror was in perfect condition (I did not take a before picture)!


Here it is with a fresh coat of paint!


Cream, green, and a hint of blue!




This great “free” vanity and mirror was given to my first client from The Dorcas House!  It looks great in her new home!  Moral of the story, next time you see a pile of furniture sitting on the curb, “Stop the car!”

Enjoy the day!


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