Happy Birthday Handyman Husband

Today we celebrate Handyman Husband’s birthday!  He’s spending his birthday morning in a grand way (for him)…he’s duck hunting.  Let’s pray he limits out!  After hunting, Daniel and I are taking him to lunch (most likely wings…again, for him!)  And then he has a very special evening planned…a date with his daughter!!!  Tonight is the Father Daughter Dance at Elizabeth’s elementary school.  So fun and great memories.  Our new tradition is a “birthday weekend!”  I’ll fill you in on Monday.  But for now, Happy Birthday dear husband and Daddy…


The Birthday Banner is out!


How sweet is this birthday door decor!  Our dear friends, the Bierbaums, gave this to us!


Fun and festive!


So Happy Birthday Handyman Husband, Daddy, Son, Son-in-law, Uncle, and Friend!  We love you!!!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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