Tell Me A Story

By now, you know I love when a home “tells a story!”  When I look at particular items, it brings a smile to my face, and that my friends is what a home is all about.  One of my favorite features on my blog is “Tell Me a Story” which continues today…



 I’m honoring Handyman Husband’s grandfathers.  His maternal grandfather, Grandpa Baker, built the clock you see by hand!  His fraternal grandfather, Grandpa Hunter, is featured in the photograph below the clock!


 Knowing his Grandpa Baker built this clock himself brings a true sense of family to our den.  Handyman Husband considers the den “his only room in the house!”  It’s only appropriate this clock is housed in the family room (and his room)!


I adore the wood carvings!  A great amount of time and efforts went into making this clock…priceless!




 There are windows on each side of the clock allowing you to see the “mechanics!”


Don’t you just love the “tick tock” sound of a clock?


The photograph featuring his Grandpa Hunter is very special!  As you can see, he’s driving President Kennedy through the streets of Carbondale, IL, Handyman Husband’s hometown!



What a great smile on Grandpa Hunter’s face!


These two special items are reminders of two great men that Handyman Husband adored!  He’s mentioned many times he wished I could have met them!  I feel like have!

What family heirlooms are telling a story in your home?

Enjoy the day!


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