February Culinary Club

Last night, Culinary Club met at my house.  We had a delightful time as usual.  Consider our meal “heart healthy” for February…



The table was set with Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz.  I have had these dishes since I was in the 6th grade…yes, the 6th grade!  Mother bought these at an estate sale.  She asked me if I liked them, I said yes, she bought them, and I always knew I had “everyday” dishes.  However, at that age, you really don’t know what “everyday” dishes are…It’s a good thing I do love these dishes!!!


I used my flatware for easy clean up!


Colleen was our bartender.  The cocktail was Pineapple Cilantro H2O with vodka infused fresh pineapple!  So refreshing!


The color was pretty too!


Although not “pretty,” this Black Bean Dip was once again a hit!  Colleen suggested using cannellini beans instead of the black beans which she’s done before…she says it’s a bit prettier, and she sprinkles fresh herbs on top!  Great idea!!


Dinner is served!


Again, not pretty, but very good and easy.  Our main dish was Pulled Pork Verde Chili.  I made this in the crockpot!


Cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad with fresh lime, cilantro, salt and pepper!


Baked Jalapeño Poppers!  We all agreed we’d make this again!


And the grand finale…Avocado ice cream!!!  Diane felt it needed a little something else so she made coconut shortbread to accompany the ice cream.  She also added toasted coconut.  We were all amazed by the ice cream…who would have thought!  And the shortbread was a nice addition!


Another fab meal with fab friends!!!


And as I’m setting the table, Daniel decided to take a nap…he never moved for 2 hours!

Here’s to another great Culinary Cub year!!!  If you’d like any of these recipes, just holler!

Enjoy the day!


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