Collections: Spode Buttercup Dishes

I seem to have dishes everywhere.  And once again, it’s thanks to Mother!  A few years ago, she gave me 9 pieces of Spode’s “Buttercup.”  She had no place for them, and I did…


When I switched the living room and dining room, I did not have to rearrange anything on the walls…the placement worked out beautifully for both rooms!  They look as if they were meant to be in the living room now!


 This pattern blends nicely with the yellow living room walls!


The 9 pieces are divided into 3 sections.  When grouping items, placing an odd number together is pleasing to the eye!  This far left section sits behind the preserved palm.  For now, the palm sits in the living room.  I’m thinking about placing this plant in our bedroom once I add the bar!


It’s very “Charles Faudree like” to place dishes with wall sconces!


I enjoy these dishes as they cast a shadow on the wall!


You can see the green leaves work great with my green chairs…you can barely see the windowpane green check chair corner!


There’s a hint of blue in this pattern!


And I love the basket weave accent border!


This pattern is of the “older” English version.  There is a newer remake, but like many revived patterns, they just don’t look the same!

Do you have a dish collection?

Enjoy the day!


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