Greek Revival Cooking For Life

A year ago this month, I had the opportunity to chair a fundraising event at our church.  A parishioner is friends with Patricia Moore-Pastides, and he graciously invited her to speak at our church.  She is the First Lady of the University of South Carolina and has written an amazing cookbook entitled “Greek Revival Cooking For Life!”  The event was successful and above all very educational…


 This cookbook is not only full of healthy Mediterranean recipes, but the pictures are gorgeous too!


We had a book signing afterwards…let’s just say the cookbooks sold out, and guests were added to a waiting list to purchase her book!  This is a great addition to my cookbook collection!


I had a surprise call from Mother this morning.  She invited the kids over for a Valentine Dinner and to spend the night tomorrow.  I texted Handyman Husband, and he left a message at 8:30 this morning asking for reservations at one of our favorite spots.  We shall see!  If not, I plan on cooking a “Romantic Dinner for 2” courtesy of this cookbook!


This is another “go to appetizer!!!”  You will need:  dried pitted dates, roasted whole almonds, olive oil, salt and pepper.  It’s truly a delight!


We will also enjoy Braised Kale with Red Peppers!


Another easy yet flavorful recipe!  As you can see from the spills, I make this often!


The main course will be Poached Tilapia with Fennel!


This is the exact meal we served at the fundraiser luncheon…absolutely delicious!



Mary Cantrell (far left) was our Master of Ceremonies.  Father Nicholas introduced Mrs. Moore-Pastides!


Her cookbook is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the health benefits of specific foods!


Mother, Mrs. Moore-Pastides, and me!


She gave me this delightful burlap bag full of fresh herbs straight from the University of South Carolina’s garden as well as this dried oregano from Greece!  This event was truly a success due to the time and efforts of the committee for this event!

So, if you don’t own “Greek Revival Cooking for Life,” you may purchase it here!  And if you don’t have a Valentine meal planned as of yet, now you do!!!

Enjoy the day!


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