Valentine’s Day: Take Two

Hope you all had a splendid Valentine’s Day!!!  On Wednesday, I shared the fabulous cookbook “Greek Revival Cooking Food For Life”  by Patricia Moore-Pastides.  I had great intentions of cooking that fabulous meal but in reality…


Handyman Husband and I enjoyed takeout (and paper towel napkins!) from our favorite mom and pop Chinese restaurant, The Chinese Kitchen!  The owners are the sweetest couple, and the food is yummy!


Handyman Husband set the table!

I have to say each time we decide to “stay in,” it ends up being the best evening!  We enjoyed cocktails on the porch and enjoyed a lovely dinner.  The fortunes were great too…



“Valentine’s Day:  Take Two” ended up being the best day.  We did try to get a reservation which didn’t work out.  HH did find a restaurant with a 4:30 opening (and believe it or not, we do enjoy eating that early); however, at the end of the day, all I wanted to do is sit, relax, enjoy a movie with no fuss and no noise.  We will take a raincheck on dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and I will be cooking that fabulous meal some day.

But in reality, a nice quiet evening at home was just what we needed.  We were able to spend a great Valentine’s morning with the kiddos!





Elizabeth had a great party at school!


Daniel did too!

My dear friend, Candy, surprised me a “Chocolate Kiss” topiary!


And in reality…


LOVE is all that matters!!!

Enjoy the day and weekend!  I’ll see you back on Tuesday and Happy President’s Day!




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