Tuesday’s Tip: Watering Orchids

Growing orchids are still new to me.  I first posted about orchids here. I referred to them as “dancing flowers.”  They are lean, graceful, and their blooms are magnificent (although no blooms as of yet!).  I currently have 3 in the living room…


 And I water them with ice cubes!  Apparently, they enjoy a nice slow watering!


This particular orchid was a gift from Chris Olsen and Renee from the Christmas cocktail party!  I enjoyed her graceful blooms for a couple of months!  (And you can see the blank area in the background awaiting the new bar!)


Now I’m awaiting her next bloom!


The ends of all the branches have “beginning blooms!”  I look forward to waking up one day and seeing them all in bloom!


Here is my very first orchid!  Not knowing protocol, I cut back her branches down to the leaves.  I’ve enjoyed the look of just the leaves!


And here is the third miniature orchid that Handyman Husband brought me.  I was thrilled when I discovered her new growth!  We shall see!

So, if you are growing orchids, try watering them with ice cubes.  I did soak them when they first came home.  But the ice really does seem to work!  I guess because I have 3 orchids I have a collection!!!

Have you ever grown orchids?  What are your tips!

Enjoy the day!


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