Real vs. Faux Plants

When decorating a room, plants are a wonderful touch!  They’re green (which you know I love), they add texture, and life if they are real!  However, using “faux” plants can actually provide the same touches if they actually look real, and that is the key…


In the kitchen, there is a mixture…the terrarium sits on the counter alongside this yellow tropical given to us by our neighbor.  Both provide color and texture!


A pair of “faux” rosemary topiaries flank the window.  (I’m looking for cache pots for them as well!)


I love the height, texture, and “idea” of being real rosemary…appropriate for the kitchen!


Also in the kitchen, is this rustic wall container filled with hanging berries and “faux” artichokes bought on our “mini-moon” after our wedding!


“Faux” but sentimental!


Another sentimental plant is this sweet one in the den.  It was given to me by Handyman Husband about 5 years ago when I was sick!


The dining room’s house plant sitting in Handyman Husband’s grandmother’s crystal bowl!


As well as “Yaya’s plants” from the basket that was formerly in the entry hall!  They now sit in the silver planter!


My orchid collection sits in the living room!


And the tropical from our bedroom is now in the entry hall!  (Notice the ice cubes…the plant is slowly being watered, so I don’t have to water her in the tub anymore!)

The life of a decorator…ALWAYS changing things up!  It’s so fun!!!


And the preserved (not faux) palm now finds its home in the bedroom (making room for the bar in the living room!)  Is this confusing enough???


I recently added this house plant to the bath…please excuse the unpolished silver!  It’s surprisingly doing well without natural light!

As you can see, real plants do outnumber the “faux” plants in our home!  As long as the “faux” looks real, (and are NOT turning blue) I say you may use both!

Do you prefer decorating with real or faux plants?

Enjoy the day!


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