Considering I am co-chairing a fundraising event tomorrow night for our elementary school, the title of this blog “Cuckoo” could definitely sum me up right now; however, I am referring to “Cuckoo” as in the clock…


Meet my one and only cuckoo clock!  It’s a miniature and is absolutely adorable!  It was a gift from Mother and Daddy after a trip to Switzerland.  I accidentally knocked it off the wall yesterday.  And when I was putting it back together, I realized the clock had not been working for awhile now.  It only takes 1 AA battery, so it’s officially working again!


It’s hand painted and surely hand made!


The little lady swings (literally) back and forth gracefully!


And the bird “flies” back and forth as well!


The flag of Switzerland is painted at the bottom of the clock!


Apparently, the mushroom…


and tree are popular among the Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks!


Although the clock does not officially go “cuckoo,” I do enjoy the ticking when it’s quiet in the house (no tv, radio, kids, dogs barking, etc.)!

I’m so glad I accidentally knocked it off the wall!

Do you have a cuckoo clock in your home?

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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