Ready For Spring!

Mother has always said March 1 is the first day of Spring here in Arkansas!  Well, I wish the weather would begin cooperating with her thoughts!  Cloudy and cold sums up our past few days.  I’m so thankful to live in an area where we do experience all four seasons.  So, Spring, we’re ready for you to arrive…


 With the anticipation of Spring’s arrival, I brought home this hyacinth bulb last Thursday.  A good blogger would have taken the “before” photo.  However, the sleep deprived blogger with a sick household did not!


Oh, how I wish I could show you the growth just from Thursday!  Since my home away from home is usually the kitchen, I like to place the “treats” there, so I can enjoy their beauty!  When I brought her home, her blossoms were still tucked away tightly like you see in the above picture.  Yesterday, she opened up, and I am enjoying her fragrance and her soft pink color!



Her root system and bulb seemed stable…there were some where the vase was completely filled with roots.  I felt like this particular one had room to grow!


And obviously, she has!  It’s the perfect touch of Spring that will appease me until the real Spring arrives!

Are you ready for Spring?

Enjoy the weekend!


P.S.  Our home has healed, and I’ll be back on Monday with fabulous highlights from the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show!

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