Oyster Plates

Another collection has begun…oyster plates!  For some reason, I’m attracted to them.  Whether it be the variety of shapes, colors, details, or simply their uniqueness, I’m not quite sure.  I don’t eat oysters, and Little Rock is certainly not located near the ocean.  But for years, I’ve been drawn to them…


IMG_0239Here they are…my first oyster plates!  Since they were going in the living room, I was looking for something simple with not much color.


This one has a pinkish brown tone!


Whereas this one does not!


The indentions adds a nice depth!


The oyster plates were specifically purchased for this spot…still adding to the living room wall!


I love adding circular plates to any room (another post!)!  The circular detail breaks up the linear lines in a room!  And also adds dimension!


Overall, I’m pleased with these oyster plates!  The crazing and subtle cracks add character and really don’t bother me.  And yes, that is still Daniel’s artwork that has yet to be painted over!

Have you started any new collections lately?

Enjoy the day!


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