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I have now attended two blogging conferences, the Design Bloggers Conference and now Blissdom.  And both were by accident!  I would be reading other blogs, surfing the web, and these conferences would just pop up.  However, I truly believe it’s a “God thing!”  Not only did He lead me to these conferences, but He also led me to the right people while attending these conferences.  It’s not by chance…it was meant to be!  In future posts, I will be introducing some of my new “Blogging Friends.”  They truly need no introduction, but I would like to introduce them to you through my eyes!

Blissdom had its 5th birthday this year!  The first four were celebrated in Nashville, and this year it was held in Dallas.  Perfect timing because it was during our spring break!  The kids stayed with their cousins, Jake and Allie!  And Thea Vanessa and Uncle Michael had every minute of the day filled with fun activities!  I was able to visit with my dear Kappa Sister, Kathryn, who actually lives right down the street from Vanessa!  Small world!  I was then off to Blissdom where I didn’t know a soul…


There was a newcomer’s event, and with 700 attendees, I met up with the very few interior decorators in the room!  And continued to do so throughout the event!


Meet Jon Acuff!  This picture was taken during the #5club which means he held a talk at 5 a.m. Friday morning!  There were only so many spots!


While researching Blissdom, I read where Jon was the closing keynote speaker.  He spoke last year as well.  I had pretty much decided to attend the conference, but when I read a quote from Jon, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle,” I clicked on the “buy it now” button!  And boy am I glad I did!  He is absolutely amazing, a wealth of knowledge, funny as heck, the real deal, and powerful!  He knows what to say, how to say it, and gets the job done!  He gave us his latest book at the end of the conference…

IMG_0863Is this book title amazing or what???  There is a contest…whomever drives the most traffic through her blog to his book gets to have dinner with Jon and Dave Ramsey!  I’m such a “newbie blog,” but it doesn’t hurt to try!!!


Did you know “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” are coming back?  Neither did I!  There were soap stars, tv stars, Amber Riley from “Glee,” and Chris Mann.  I missed some of the entertainment.  Instead I had dinner with some amazing new friends!


Meet Scott Stratten!  He’s so darn funny and full of great information!  He’s “awesome!”


Each attendee received his book!  And…


It’s two books in one!  How awesome is that!



Meet C.C. Chapman!  Loved his talk!!!  The one thing that stood out was his great analogy between seagulls and ducks!  A seagull flies down, craps on you, and flies away.  A duck sits on the water, it can begin raining, and the water rolls right off his back!  I want to be a duck!!!


The first 40 people in line received his book for free…generous!



And did someone say “Gevalia coffee?”  Meet Johan!


I drink it every morning thanks to my friend, Mary!

As you can see, I have lots of reading ahead of me!  It was an amazing time with wonderful people!  I look forward to sharing these new relationships with you on the blog!  I can honestly say putting yourself out there, trusting, and opening your mind up to learning is a great lesson!

Have you learned any great lessons lately?

Enjoy the day!


P.S. A HUGE thank you to my cousin Vanessa, and her wonderful hubby, Michael, for taking care of my kiddos!  I rested easy knowing they were with y’all!

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