My Latest Find…

It was one of those “I’m shopping for a client and found something for me” moments!  That rarely happens.  When I am shopping specifically for a client, I am truly a woman on a mission.  Ready to find that perfect item.  This just happened to be propped up at that perfect angle and caught my eye…



 I found this wonderful rooster oil painting inside this great gold frame!  I adore the colors and may just have a thing for roosters!


The details are great…




I have a few sitting around the kitchen!


Love this whimsical one from Handyman Husband!


A few salt and peppers from an antique shopping trip to Pine Bluff with HH!


One on top of the fridge, and yes, I just cleaned the top of the fridge after seeing this picture!!!


Overall, I’m so pleased with this find!  And I’m still on the hunt for the perfect items needed for my client!  I absolutely LOVE my job…more on that later!  And I just may share where this painting is hanging next week!!!

What is your latest find?

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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