Please Meet: Whitney English

At the Blissdom Conference, I mentioned God led me to the right people.  Today I’m introducing Whitney English to you through my eyes.  She truly needs no introduction.  Whitney has been in the public eye for several years after creating her legendary stationary line, Whitney English.  You most likely have bought or seen her incredible work.  She is a wife, mother of 3 (under the ages of 3), and her business is taking a new turn…stationary may no longer be the center of her brand in regards to invitations etc.; however, her new chapter is incredible…



I follow Whitney on Instagram (and you may too HERE!)  One of Whitney’s latest endeavors is her brand new creation, the Day Designer, a yearly strategic planner and daily agenda for the creative entrepreneur…now that just tickled my fancy when I first saw this ingenious product on Instagram.  Of course, I “liked” this planner and was researching to buy one.    She saw a need and made it happen!  I was introduced to Whitney at the conference by my new friend, Chrissy Shields (who I also will be introducing).  Chrissy is a client of Whitney’s because Whitney’s other (and oh so valuable) addition to her new chapter is Authenticate :  Branding for the Creative Entrepreneur!  Whitney will help you on your entrepreneurial journey!  The blogging world is so incredible…you admire and follow someone online, and then you have this incredible opportunity to connect with them in person.  It’s one of those “Did I really meet her” moments!  I sure did…


 And remember the Day Designer I had been admiring on Instagram?  Well…


Here it is with its fabulous black and white stripes!  I now own a copy thanks to Whitney’s kind generosity!

Whitney is the real deal!  She is authentic, genuine, an incredible listener, a genius whisperer (she truly gets you!), a motivator, child of God, and a fabulous entrepreneur at heart.  Her passion is people and helping them discover not only their passions, but what makes them tick which will ultimately lead them to a life of happiness!


One day, my goal is to work with Whitney as Jana Hunter Interiors grows!  For now, I’m thrilled to add her as a valuable new friend and example in my life.  Thank you Whitney for making a great impact!  Your generosity, kind heart, and encouragement is a natural calling for you and a fine addition to this new chapter in YOUR life!!!

Enjoy the day!



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