I Like Being A Kid

If you live in the Little Rock area and have young children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, most likely you’ve heard of Brian and Terri Kinder of Kindersongs!  We were first introduced to the fabulous Kinders when they visited Elizabeth’s preschool.  They volunteer and sing in schools, libraries, and other events (and you may also book birthday parties too).  Their songs are wonderful and so catchy!  As a family, we joyfully sing along with the Kinders.  Their songs are a great reminder to let our kids be kids!  One of my favorite songs is “I Like Being a Kid”…


We are having some serious cold weather with rain!  It warmed up just a bit, so I told the kids to put on their rain boots! (And you will notice one of our spring projects…the brick sidewalk is awaiting!)


There was a mud puddle…


And of course, they didn’t just look at it…


They played in it!  You can say I kind of have a Type A personality.  I’m learning to “let go” of many things and enjoy life!  One of those moments would be letting my kids be kids!  Making mud memories is priceless!

Funny story…just yesterday I ran into Brian Kinder at the grocery store!  I told him I was blogging about them and how they inspire ALL of us to be kids!  Thanks Brian and Terri for all you do!

Enjoy the day!


P.S. And this post is dedicated to my friend, Megan!  Who just today reminded me to embrace life as if we were kids again!  Thank you for all you do and for being a true inspiration!!!

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