Please Meet: Holly Mathis

I definitely have “my favorites” that I follow in blog land.  And of course, they all have something to do with the home!  One of the blogs I follow is Holly Mathis Interiors!  At Blissdom, I met Whitney English, whom I just blogged about last week.  As I’m talking to Whitney, she mentions she’s waiting on her friend Holly Mathis.  HHHMMM!  Holly Mathis?  I continue thinking THE Holly Mathis of Holly Mathis Interiors???  YEP…



Please meet Holly Mathis!  Holly is one of the most down to earth people and was so gracious as I “did my little happy dance trying not to be too weird” when I first met her!  It’s just one of those great God things…when you actually get to meet someone you follow in “real life!”  Holly is a Godly women who has an eye for detail!  She was first featured in “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine in 2005


And she was featured again…


in “Good Housekeeping’s” January 2013 issue!  And yes, I read this article never thinking I’d meet her!  She’s been featured elsewhere too!!!


And here’s a bonus…I was then introduced to Holly’s dear friend, Camille, whom I just adore!  Camille is on the left with Whitney English!  Camille also has a love for interior design!  Check out Camille’s website HERE!  She also speaks French fluently…hence the title of her blog!  And she’s also the real deal!!!


And here I am with Holly (center) and Chrissy Shields, another fab new friend, who I’ll introduce later!  We may have skipped Blissdom’s Friday night events, and we may have had an incredible dinner instead!

Holly is absolutely delightful, genuine, has the sweetest soul, thoughtful, a wife, mother of 2 boys, and a talented designer!!!  ADORE her work…and you will too!  All photos are from Holly’s website…I never took pictures!!!

Thank you Holly for being a great new friend!!!

Enjoy the day!


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