The Bar Is Open!

A few weeks ago, I posted “I Am on the Hunt For,” and I was searching for a bar to put in the living room.  Well, I found the “pieces” to this puzzle, and I’m thrilled with the results…

IMG_1078 If you had told me I would have chosen animal print for the living room, I probably would have denied it.  I love animal print…I just never thought it would be a part of my home.  But it works!  I love the pattern and lines of the chest.  And the size could not be more perfect!


Almost every piece on the bar “tells a story” which I’ll be sharing next week!  (I have a party to prepare for in the morning!)


We’re ready for mixed drinks or martini’s!




Love these little sterling jiggers, or at least that’s what I’m using them for!




  I posted about my new rooster oil painting HERE!


I am so ready to entertain now in the living room!  The bar is officially open!

Come join me…would you like your dirty martini shaken or stirred?

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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