Muffins, Mimosas, and Moms

On Saturday morning, I hosted a fabulous party, “Muffins, Mimosas, and Moms” with my great friend, Candy.  We donated this party to our school’s adult fundraiser, Bright Night.  And I’m so glad we did…


 Mimosas greeted our guests first thing!

IMG_1092 Of course, the muffins played an important role, but the mimosas were the star!  The empty platter in the background awaited gluten-free muffins from Dempsey Bakery.  When they arrived, they were a huge hit!  I never knew gluten-free could be so yummy!


A variety of glass plates, a wedding gift, were used for the first time!


I made banana nut muffins with toasted walnuts and pecans!


And these zucchini carrot muffins were actually the inspiration behind the party!  This recipe is Mother’s, and I have fondly enjoyed them all my life!




We had such a wonderful time that I forgot to take pictures throughout the party!  I managed this one at the very end…Christine, Candy, Christine, Jennifer, and Carrie!  I’m so sad that Amanda, Julie, Jennifer, and Nicole were not in this picture!  Thank you friends for supporting our great school and for starting the weekend off right!

Enjoy the day!


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