Bedroom Lamps

Several months ago, I went antiquing with Mother and Daddy and found some treasures.  I created a “duck hunting vignette” for Daniel’s room from this trip which you may see here.  Also on this trip, I found a pair of these…


 Or should I say Mother found these lamps!


My first thought was NO WAY!  Then Mother started talking about the shape and size and paint!


And then I started getting excited about the possible transformation!  I brought them home, and they sat.  And they sat.  And they sat some more.


One day I started “the process.”  And oh my was it a process!  I played with some paint samples and realized the engraved (not so lovely) ivy and vine design was much deeper than anticipated.  There was no way paint was going to cover this pattern.


So I brought out the spackling!  And made a huge mess!

IMG_9824 The lovely pattern was no longer, and I proceeded to sand down the rough areas and began to paint.  My vision was for them to compliment a pair of mirrors (I’ll show them to you soon!) in our bedroom and wanted a concrete textured feel!


And I am very pleased with the final result!  I painted them a creamy white which is almost the exact color of the shades!


IMG_1178  I love the imperfections!


I am thrilled Mother convinced me to buy them!  She was right (like she is often)…the size and shape were perfect!  The room needed lamps with substance, but they also had to be slender to accommodate table sizes.


Especially for this narrow French table!


The before is quite different from the after, and these lamps are definitely “one of a kind!”


And that’s what I love to do…think outside the box!  I guess I come by that naturally thanks to Mother!  Although I adore a pair of lamps sitting together, it’s also fun to set them apart!

What DIY projects have you been up to lately?

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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