Krav Fit: Women’s Self Defense Seminar

Last week, I received an email from my friend Karen about a Woman’s Self Defense seminar being held at Krav Fit here in Little Rock.  I’ll be honest…I have received emails about attending something like this before, and I didn’t think it was for me.  In other words, I was scared.  Scared to come to terms that something so horrible could potentially happen.  But for some reason, when I read Karen’s email, it felt like the right time, and I am SO thankful I attended this fabulous seminar…



 Please meet Devin Shirley, owner and lead instructor of Krav Fit!  April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and Devin opened the doors to his studio to train women in self defense!  Devin is not only a fantastic instructor, but he is also dedicated and passionate about his business!  He made all of us feel welcome and comfortable which is hard to do when the topic is sexual assault!  We got right down to business!


Here is Devin with Dave demonstrating a skill on how to escape a dangerous headlock from behind.  We learned this maneuver and several others.  Dave also kindly put on a padded suit which meant we all had turns wailing on him as we had to escape 3 different attacks.  Can I just tell you that was one of the scariest moments ever!  But it felt GREAT knowing what I needed to do to escape a possible situation.  Krav Fit will teach you wonderful self defense skills!!!

Although I do not have pictures from this event, they will be on Krav Fit’s FaceBook page which you may see HERE.  This post has absolutely nothing to do with decorating; however, the interior of this studio is great with its exposed brick, calm colors, and great ladies restroom!  I wanted to talk about this great event for many reasons:

1.  Devin Shirley is passionate about what he does and will teach you life skills in self defense during any of his classes!

2.  Sexual assault is an unfortunate reality.  Do NOT be scared…sign up for a self defense class!

3.  Go with someone that you not only will have fun with but feel comfortable hitting!  Karen and I truly wailed on each other in a great way!  We were there to learn, not to be afraid, and put our skills to the test!

4.  Situational Awareness:  Know your surroundings, be aware, walk tall and confident in a parking lot, and do NOT talk or text on your phone!  Avoid situations!

Thank you Karen for sending your email!  It possibly could save my life one day!  Thank you Devin for opening your studio for a FREE seminar to woman!  Krav Fit is so great that not only do I hope to go back, but Handyman Husband just may be joining as well as the kiddos in the future!

BE AWARE and enjoy the day!


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