New Spring Containers

I absolutely love container gardening!  Whether it be the containers themselves, or the variety of plants you can put into containers, there’s just something special about them.  Several years ago, Mother and Daddy gave me these metal topiaries for Mother’s Day…


At the time, I was looking for something substantial that didn’t need watering.  These topiaries did the trick!  However, I don’t believe they were intended to live outside with no protection and in direct sun!  Over time, you can see the wood boxes deteriorated over time.  Mother stopped by last week, and we discussed this side entrance.  She liked the topiaries and thought of a place for them in her garden.  I told her she could “borrow” them.  That means I’ll never get them back, but it all worked out!!!  (And when I picked one up, the metal piece broke off from the wooden box…it was time!!!)


And here sit the new spring containers!  I adore boxwoods and try to put them wherever I can.


I’m hand clipping these boxwood into topiary balls (it may take a bit to achieve that look), and I planted white begonias at the base!


They take full sun, and I liked the contrast of the texture against the boxwoods.  I always plant white impatiens in the front yard, so this was a nice change!


As you can see, there’s not much space between the garage door and the side door.  These containers add substance without being overbearing or too small.  And did I mention they contain boxwoods!!!


I am loving the new addition!  And don’t tell Mother, but I believe she did me a favor by taking the metal topiaries!!  Thanks Mother!

What are you planting in your container gardens?

Enjoy the day!


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