Details: The Bar

The new bar in the living room is making me smile!  And that is what our home is supposed to do…make us SMILE!  You know that I truly believe your home should “tell a story,” and a few things on the bar do just that…


 The sterling silver tray was a wedding gift from Mother and Daddy!!!


The details are stunning, and I love any tray with a raised edge!


This silver ice bucket tells a wonderful story!  Mother was antiquing with a friend many moons ago in Hardy, AR.  She saw this ice bucket and thought of me.  (Not sure why she didn’t buy it then as Hardy is a couple of hours away!)  But in the end, I’m glad she didn’t because Daddy and I took a day trip!  We had such a fun time just Daddy and daughter!  The ice tongs are unique (love the tortoise feel) and were found recently at an estate sale!


This silver rimmed bar tray speaks to me!  I remember Mother’s growing up (she still has hers), and Yaya did too.  These trays were popular in the 50’s (which I could so see myself living in that decade).  The brown center is made of a fine plastic and keeps drinks from leaving water marks.  This is my first tray of this style and hope to collect many more!


These sterling silver shell spoons were a gift from Mother!  I use them as drink stirrers…

IMG_1141But they are actually used as iced tea spoons/straws…the handle is hollow for the straw!  And I love the different markings on sterling silver!


 And I posted about this Italian cork decanter HERE!


So, overall I am “pleased as punch” (or a dirty martini) to have this new bar!  It truly makes me smile!!!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


P.S.  My first blog post is live today over at Generation Fabulous!

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