When A Sofa Doesn’t Work

When we think of a family living space, we automatically think a sofa must go in the room, and normally it does.  Furniture placement depends on room size, door openings, furniture size, and the television (if there is one).  The “feel of the room” is very important as well.  When working with my clients, I “interview” them and discover exactly the purpose and feel they so desire.  (That’s another post!)  When we moved into our home almost 6 years ago, the “sofa question” and the “feel of the room” came into play…


IMG_3042As you walk through our front doors and into the entry, this is your view!


And here is a view looking out to the front doors!  If I had put a sofa in place of the two leather chairs, as guests walked through the doors, they would have felt stifled as if a road block was saying “do not enter!”  Our family room is the center hub connected to the kitchen.  It’s also Handyman Husband’s room (which he claims is his only room), and the feel of the room was to be warm and welcoming!


Due to space, the fireplace, and t.v. placement, a love seat would have been the only choice where these two chairs are located.  A love seat would have felt too confined for guests!  And please excuse the messy kitchen!  We entertained last night, and I haven’t tackled it just yet (real world)!


So, what do you do?  You create a seating area using 4 chairs!  They are comfortable, inviting, each person has his own space, and it’s conducive for t.v. watching as well as conversation!  And as guests walk into our home, it feels open and airy!


This custom corner cabinet was built for the t.v.  Utilizing this corner, not only freed up wall space, but it also was the perfect place for the t.v.  All can view easily without it being  the focal point of the room!

IMG_2147Do we miss having a sofa in this room?  On occasion, yes, when we watch a movie.  But overall, we enjoy having our own space!  And most of all, the feel of the room is warm, comfortable, and inviting…mission accomplished!

Would you ever consider not using a sofa?

Enjoy the day!


2 thoughts on “When A Sofa Doesn’t Work

  • Have you ever noticed when you have a group of people the first places they will sit is in chairs, and only on the sofa when there are no chairs left. I love just having chairs. My personal favorite is 4 chairs around a center coffee table, but of course that doesn’t work when the room is also for watching tv. Great space. Just found you blog – love it.

    • That is so true Patty! People do tend to gravitate towards chairs!! I’m thrilled you found my blog and hope you continue reading. I appreciate your comment and thank you for the kind compliment! Enjoy the day!

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