Orthodox Easter

We celebrated Orthodox Easter this past Sunday, May 5.  We follow the Julian calendar only for Easter.  The Julian calendar and the Jewish Passover determine the date of Easter which makes Orthodox Easter different some years than Western Easter.  This year we had a low key yet fun-filled and very relaxing celebration.  And the church looked gorgeous during Holy Week…

IMG_1980This picture was taken Holy Friday evening!


The dome of the church represents heaven as Christ looks down upon us!  This gorgeous chandelier is the largest chandelier in the state of Arkansas!


Elizabeth and Daniel loved dying eggs this year!


On Western Easter, the Easter Bunny left them some bunny bubbles with a note saying he’d be back!  Elizabeth painted him a thank you picture!


And I loved this note she also left for him!

IMG_2074Easter morning started with the most delicious sugar cookies made by Elizabeth’s godmother!


And for lunch, we entertained a small group of close friends and family!  I made homemade Tzatziki Dip with baked pita chips!


I also made Spanakopita…it was an Ina Garten recipe.  I was a bit nervous not using a “traditional” Greek recipe!  They all loved it!

IMG_2101Of course, there was Greek salad.  Daddy provided all of the fixings from Arkansas Burger Company!


 Mother made her Greek macaroni which is to die for…with real butter, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and cinnamon!


This was my first time to ever fix leg of lamb, the traditional Easter meat!  SO easy and yummy!  Yaya always did the honors!  Thankfully, Aunt Linda guided me on time and temp!  The slivers of roasted garlic along with the lamb makes the dish!


Everything was simply delicious!


Especially Kiki’s Chocolate Sheet Cake where the icing melted in your mouth, and the…


incredible homemade Strawberry Pie Thea Mary made!


This Easter was especially nice as our family celebrated with Mother and Daddy, George and Kiki, Thea Mary, and Jarrod, our very own seminarian (first one ever from Arkansas!), who has 1 more year in Boston before becoming a fabulous priest!!!  I pray your Easter was just as blessed…Christ Is Risen…Truly He Has Risen!!!

Enjoy the day and Happy Weekend!


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