To all the Mothers of kiddos, fur babies, or both, I hope your Mother’s Day was special!!!  It sure was for me!!!  Handyman Husband made sure my day was off to a great start!  They each gave me handpicked cards (which were priceless), a homemade gift, and school made gifts from both Elizabeth and Daniel!  Thank you to Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Westlake for making my Mother’s Day extra special!!!  We celebrated at church, had leftover pizza (because I did not cook this weekend), took a 2 hour nap (NEVER happens), went for a walk, and then had Mother and Daddy over for dinner…


IMG_2346After church, we took some pictures!  Yes, that is Daniel with a black eye…happened Thursday.  Hello boys!

IMG_2376 Playing around…self-portraits!


Thank you HH for cooking a fabulous meal!


Happy Mother’s Day Mother!  My true example in the world…thank you for being an inspiration, for always being there, and for your sweet love!!!


You’re truly the BEST!!!


And thank you to these kiddos for making me a mommy and for making this day extra special!

Here’s hoping you all had a very special day!!!

Enjoy the day!


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  • one of the MANY reasons God put me on this earth is so that I can make others feel great about their mother’s day gifts. Due to new independence, the boys picked out the gift on their own this year. Please, don’t be too jealous of the 4 packs of fun size Almond Joys that were beautifully wrapped up for me! And guess what Jack had for breakfast the next day….

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