My Latest Find

I love this story!  And you know how I adore things that “tell a story!”  Last September, I visited my dear friend, Jacqueline, in Fort Smith.  Jacqueline and I spent many weekends antiquing in Fayetteville at the University of Arkansas, and we still love to do so when we get together.  So while I was in Fort Smith, of course, we went antiquing…


IMG_1143And I found this Italian Wood Inlaid Tray!  However, I didn’t buy it in September.  Rewind…I first admired Jacqueline’s similar tray, and then we saw one while we were out shopping.  I never bought it and regretted it afterwards!


But then in March, I met my brother, Christopher, in Fort Smith for some much needed brother sister time!  We went to lunch and then went antiquing (Yes, it’s in the blood)!  I suggested going back to the same shop and told him the story of  “I wish I had bought this tray when I had the chance” conversation.  Well, much to my amazement, it was still there!

IMG_1154I immediately picked the tray up and knew it was mind!  I loved the subtle yet lovely details!


And the “wood” feel is wonderful…I love anything wood like, tortoise like, etc.!


And anything with a raised edge!

IMG_1163So now it sits in the dining room with the crystal bowl that Mark’s mother gave us for our wedding gift…it was her Mother’s bowl!  And now this tray reminds of two wonderful trips to Fort Smith and will remind me to “always grab it when you see it!!!”

Have you ever found something, went back for it, and it was still there???

Enjoy the day!


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