Climbing Roses

And speaking of flowers from yesterday’s post…take a look at my climbing roses!  These roses have a beautiful story…When I joined Lily Garden Club, our church’s garden club, a dear friend, Carole, gave me a rose.  It was one stem with some roots.  She had no idea the variety or anything else about it.  I gladly excepted it, forgot about it, found it (half dead), planted it, and here it is today…


IMG_2815Mother says she has never seen a rose take off like this in such a short period of time! It’s been 2 years!


I love how the branches cascade with blooms!


The clusters of miniature blooms are the sweetest, and the color is breathtaking!

IMG_2817And this year, there is a white variety!  Not sure how this happens!


Such pretty ruffles!


During this special time of year, my “English garden” is in full bloom!

If you know anything about this variety of rose, I would love to know!

Enjoy the day and Happy Weekend!


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