May Culinary Club

May is a busy time of year, so instead of our usual Sunday evening, Culinary Club met on a Thursday night at Diane’s home!  It was a splendid time as usual.  The dinner was outstanding…


For starters, we had Smoked Salmon Spread!  It was simple and a big hit!

IMG_2287We also enjoyed this delightful Peach-Riesling Sangria!

IMG_2280How great are these parchment wrapped Sea Bass filets!

IMG_2305The Sake Sea Bass in Parchment was outstanding!!!

IMG_2312And the Jasmine Rice with Garlic, Ginger, and Cilantro as well as the Sugar Snap Peas and Spinach with Ginger were both divine!

IMG_2319Colleen was not able to attend but did deliver this wonderful Lemon Curd Cake!

IMG_2292And Diane’s outdoor dining area is fabulous…




IMG_2299Once again, Culinary Club was a fabulous evening with delicious food and great friends!!!

What have you been cooking?

Enjoy the day!


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