An Empty Nest

School is coming to a close and for some this means graduations are occurring either from high school, college, or even Kindergarden!  Although this time is special, it can also be overwhelming and sad at the same time.  This past Friday evening we were eating out.  Towards the end of our meal, the kids were putting on my sunglasses and putting my purse over their shoulders pretending to be “Jana.”  As Daniel did this, many patrons around us started to giggle.  One couple in particular were laughing.  I looked back up, and the lady was crying.  I knew exactly what she must be thinking…her baby had grown up.  She has no idea that she reminded me of a lovely lesson at that moment…To embrace where we are in life!  As hard as my life seems at times with two young children (which is not terrible by any means!!!), I need to remember to value where I am today.  To enjoy the toys scattered all over the floor, hearing the question over and over again, “Where is this made from, where is that made from?”  For that particular lady, she was fondly looking back; however, she has such a wonderful and new chapter to embrace.  And you just may too…



Maybe this new chapter will bring color into your home!  With more time on your hands, pick up a paintbrush!  Brighten things up with a fresh piece of artwork, add new window treatments, or simply rearrange furniture and make it livable for you!!!


Create a sitting oasis just for you!  A couple of years ago, my parents transformed a bedroom into a library just for them.  It’s a place for reading, watching television, relaxing, or taking a nap!  I’m thrilled for them!  You need a place to call your own!


Bring flowers into your home to brighten your day!  Fresh flowers truly do just that…gather flowers from your own garden, check out your local grocer, take a stroll though a garden nursery, or go big and order a bouquet just for you!


Begin a new collection!  Is there something you’ve always wanted to collect but never have had the time?


Entertain!  Eating delicious food (whether catered or made by you) is a true treat when enjoyed with friends!


(Botanica Gardens, Little Rock)

Spend time in your garden or join a garden club!


(The Dorcas House, Little Rock)

Volunteer and make a difference in someone else’s life!


(Big Cedar Lodge)



But remember to always stop and smell the flowers!  Embrace today!  I thank the lady from Friday evening for reminding me of a lesson I learned a few years ago while visiting with my grandmother!

This ladybug reminds me of my Yaya, whom I dearly miss.  I remember her saying one time…You don’t want to be my age; it’s hard and lonely.  She said she envied where I was in life.  My response…Yaya, you were once living my chapter, and one day I will be living your chapter.  We need to embrace life and enjoy EVERY chapter!

Enjoy the day!


5 thoughts on “An Empty Nest

  • What a wonderful post! There are stages in life that we seem to go through, but often when we get older we find ourselves alone and yes, lonely. I find it sad & heartbreaking that there are so very many people in the world, and yet, how much time people spend alone, wishing they had another human being to talk with. This world can be a very disconnected place in which we live. I think the key is to connect with others, in any way we can. Thanks for sharing! Patty

  • Great advice! I started a blog when I became an empty nester, appropriately title empty nest remodelers, and have enjoyed doing many of the things you suggested. My mother had given me similar advice to enjoy every single minute from the moment my daughter was born and I took that seriously and am so glad I did. Your children will be grown before you know it so never wish or hope for future times,they will come anyway, but enjoy the present as you can never get it back. As a native Little Rockian (now in so cal) I love your blog

    • I am thrilled that you are taking advantage of an empty nest and using your time for YOU Diane! I adore your response!!! Thank you so very much!!!

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