Little Rock Spring Garden Tour

This weekend kicks off the Thirteenth Annual Spring Garden Tour sponsored by the Greater Little Rock Council of Garden Clubs.  If you live in the local area, it’s a true treat to visit these private gardens!  And what’s really exciting is that Mother and Daddy’s garden is on the tour this year!  I’ll be volunteering all weekend at their garden.  Elizabeth is too!  She’s wearing her hat and apron and will be showing off her play area in their background!  She loves to garden thanks to her Yia Yia…



Mother and Daddy’s garden graced the cover of At Home in Arkansas a few years ago!  The article was beautifully written, and their garden looked amazing!


It was so exciting to see the garden on a 2 page spread!


There is Jiggs a.k.a. “Jiggy!”  The kids adore him!



A couple of years ago, a tornado came through and destroyed my parents screened-in porch and garage.  A huge 100 year old tree in the backyard uprooted and fell on it.  Her shade garden was no longer.  She was so thankful to have had this article published to have the memories and pictures.  Although her garden is part shade now, she has embraced her new garden and is delighted to be showing it to the public.  Mother is one you’ll find doing the work herself from the break of dawn till after the moon is up.  She’s been a dedicated gardener since I was in elementary school.  Her passion  is definitely evident in her garden.  And Daddy is right there with her hauling rocks, bags of dirt, mulch, and cleaning off the pollen for her.

Next week, I’ll be sharing pictures of her garden and hope to stop by at least one more to share with you.

Enjoy the day and weekend and happy gardening!


2 thoughts on “Little Rock Spring Garden Tour

  • I love home and garden tours and I go to every one I can. Your parents garden looked so beautiful, sorry to hear about the storm damage, but it sounds like your Mom is right back at it. Gardening is such a wonderful way to spend one’s time. I am looking forward to the pictures of your Mom’s new garden.
    Thanks, Patty

    • Thank you for the kind compliment regarding my parent’s garden Patty! It was a great weekend…looking forward to sharing pictures this week!

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