My Parent’s Garden

As promised, I am sharing my parent’s garden with you this week.  And after 645 pictures , I will be featuring their garden in “parts.”  On Saturday, it rained like cats and dogs.  Honestly, I love a rainy day in the garden.  Without the sun’s brilliance, the green foliage and colorful blooms “pop” in such a warm and relaxing way.  Sunday the sun shone with vengeance which was great for the garden tour.  Guests came out in droves.  I took part in the tour on Sunday and will be featuring pictures from those gardens too.  Overall, the garden tour was a great success, and I couldn’t me more proud of my parent’s garden!  A true passion and love for all things garden are definite in the following story…




These black wrought iron benches were recently added.  It’s fun to see how a home and garden unfolds over time!


It’s hard to believe Mother and Daddy have lived here almost 19 years!  They gutted this home for 1 1/2 years and lived in it while they did!  Mother designed the covered porch overhang…love every detail as well as the house colors!

IMG_3509And here’s how cloudy it became prior to the downpour!


Three HUGE pine trees are established in the front yard.  Many guests commented they had never seen such large pine trees!


A view from the front porch!


There are many seating areas or “rooms” in the garden…


As well as tucked away concrete features!


Welcome to the “front door!”


And the view from behind the front door!


Elizabeth and Daniel’s play area!


Elizabeth was a delight as she played tour guide!  She literally gave tours in the rain on Saturday and again on Sunday!


I was so proud of her and adored this sign she made!


Mother labels all of her plants!  I’m thrilled my August Beauty just bloomed too!


It was a true treat spending the weekend with my baby girl!  Today is her last day of 1st grade!  Hard to believe!

Tomorrow I will share more from the garden!

Enjoy the day!


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