My Parent’s Garden: The Screened-In Porch

Yesterday was a wee bit crazy, so here I am today to show you my parent’s screened-in porch!  There’s nothing like a screened-in porch…they are “oh so Southern!”  One of my readers mentioned how she missed screened-in porches now that she lives in Southern California (native Arkansan).  My advice to her was to build one!  There is just something about walking through a screen door and hearing that “clap” behind you.  Feeling the breeze on a cool day or listening to the birds sing at 6 a.m. as you sip your morning coffee.  Mother does just that every morning…


IMG_3264Come on in!  The flagstone landing is new this year!  It’s fabulous and truly makes one of those “added punch” features!  The pyramid topiaries are courtesy of me via Mother and Daddy…read that story HERE.  This porch is a bit bigger than their original porch prior to the tornado.  Mother designed every detail!

IMG_3262I love the welcoming beds of foliage!

IMG_3296There are two “rooms,” a seating area and a dining area!  They love to entertain friends for cocktails (Daddy makes the BEST Gin and Tonic EVER!) and dinner on the porch!

IMG_3282The glider was my great grandmother’s and this is where Mother enjoys her coffee and plays her games on her phone every morning (Words with Friends)!  The wicker furniture belonged to my grandmama!  Everything survived the tornado minus a lovely chaise lounge and a few dishes!


The pair of shelves on the wall are original to the home that she moved into the porch!


IMG_3281I helped Mother “fluff” the porch for the garden tour!  I love her color scheme, warm yet cheery and inviting!

IMG_3300This lovely spade engraved with “Urban Delights 2013” was given to Mother and Daddy as a token of appreciation for being on the garden tour!

IMG_3286The dining area houses a fabulous and very heavy table that belonged to my grandmama, and I recovered the chairs for them!  The painted concrete floor is a great addition thanks to the tornado!

IMG_3288The tea cart, a.k.a the bar, was on our back porch growing up!  You can see a glimpse of her “turquoise” collection in the far corner!


I ADORE the trellis work designed my Mother!


IMG_3327This wonderful screened-in porch is a true highlight of the garden area!  Wherever you may live, remember to surround yourself with all that makes you happy and brings a smile to your face!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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