Oil Paintings: A Portrait

I am such a fan of oil paintings!  I am starting to collect more and more slowly but surely.  Portraits have always intrigued me, but I will admit there are some that scare me too!  Handyman Husband and I recently went antiquing.  I found a portrait of what I thought to be a Russian priest, but instead, he was in the Russian military.  I passed on this portrait that day but had thought of him often.  I went back to buy him, and he was gone…

IMG_3862However, I went back a second time, and there he was waiting for me!  I really couldn’t believe he was there!  It took me a millisecond to take him to the counter!  There was something about his face that moved me.   I love wondering who he was, what he did, and what other places or homes he’s graced!


The fact that this painting is signed makes no difference to me! I would have bought this painting signed or unsigned.  And I loved this frame!  Purchases are investments whether they are big or small.  Most of all, the question is do you love it!


In this case, I was smitten!  He’s my very first portrait!


Currently, he is hanging where I had the oyster plates!


He has brought a smile to my face each time I pass him!  And you know my philosophy…”Happy Spaces=Happy Faces!”

Enjoy the day!


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