School Spirit Memories

We are finally in our first full week of summer!  I love the summer months although the heat has hit Little Rock with a vengeance!  A few weeks prior to the school year ending, I embarked on a little school spirit project…

IMG_2321This “Fulbright” painted sign represents a memory from my own childhood!  Mother created this project as a school fundraiser for my elementary school!  Although our school didn’t opt for the “curb spirit” fundraiser, they were on board for this spirit sign I created…

IMG_2722It is so fun seeing all the Fulbright families displaying their school spirit!  Other schools have jumped on board and are showing their school spirit with signs as well!

IMG_2323Elizabeth was thrilled when she saw the new sign for the first time!

IMG_2328Although Daniel won’t be at Fulbright for a couple of more years, he wanted to join in too!  Sissy wasn’t so keen on the idea!


I felt the sign needed a bit more “pop,” so I outlined everything in white!


Since I take down the spirit sign during the summer months, it’s fun to still show our school spirit!

Enjoy the day and Happy Summer!


Read more about school spirit HERE!

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