Six Years Ago…

Six years ago tomorrow we moved into our home!  Time sure does fly!!!  Elizabeth was 1 1/2 years old in a crib, and I was told I’d never have Daniel!  WOW, how plans change as you look back.  It has been a pure joy turning this house into our home…



To think when we bought our home it looked like this!  Please excuse the “video” picture taken from the television!


A closer look!


And here it is today!  I really do love the transformation!  New exterior paint, new columns, new gas lights, new landscaping, stone lined brick sidewalk and landing at the street, new French double doors, and custom wood shutters with the “Jana Hunter Interiors green!”


And it’s so fun to look back at how I’ve changed up the porch here and there!  And to see the growth in the yard…I have pruned and pruned the front boxwoods by hand and now look at them…


The “wall” of boxwoods I once envisioned!


This journey has been a pure joy!  I love my job!!!

Happy Birthday to our home!

Enjoy the day and weekend!


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