Happy Father’s Day!!!

Yesterday was the day we honor our daddy’s, granddaddy’s, and the special men in our life.  These men are our true “rocks” in the family.  Their encouragement, love, and support are truly characteristics that need to be recognized throughout the year.  A couple of weeks prior to this special day, I take the kids to a craft store, and we shop for Daddy’s and Granddaddy’s gift.  Of course, these gifts are homemade!!!  Here are a few examples of what we’ve done in the past…



 Here’s the “Daddy Wall” located in the mudroom!


I love the American Flag with handprints…2010!


2011’s artwork with the help of Daniel’s godmother, Stephanie!!!



Last year’s joint effort!


And we can’t forget the sign made by Elizabeth on the paper towel!


And this year’s gift by Elizabeth!  Daddy loved the “peace out” as that’s what they say every morning as he leaves for work!


Daniel’s gift he made at school!  And he also made an EGG for Daddy!  It will sit on his desk at work!


And here’s the EGG!  Daddy with his kiddos!


We were blessed to spend the day with Granddaddy too!  Instead of a homemade gift, we opted for a photo book!  Priceless!


It was a great and relaxing kind of day!  My wish is that you and yours did the same!  Here’s to all the Daddy’s and Granddaddy’s!!!

Enjoy the day!


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