Weekend Recap

We had a ball celebrating Daddy’s birthday Friday!  And then we kept on celebrating his big day on Sunday too!  My brother, Christopher, is riding his bicycle from Joplin to New Orleans over 10 days!  He’s riding for JOMONOLA (Joplin, MO and New Orleans, LA)…”10 days, 40 riders, 800 miles, ONE Mission: Bring three families home from three communities affected by disaster!”  We were delighted to visit with him on Sunday.  But on Friday night, Elizabeth dolled up the dining room for Granddaddy’s birthday…


Of course, it was a “hamburger” themed party!  Daddy is the proud owner of Arkansas Burger Company…I”ll be sharing his restaurant with you soon!  It’s chalk full of Arkansas decor!


 She put on her thinking cap…she drew one hamburger, and we copied it several times!


Paper chains, boas, and homemade crepe paper confetti!


While the decorating was happening and I was cooking, Daddy and Handyman Husband enjoyed Strawberry Vodka Lemonade! Mother was sipping hers in the living room!


Homemade Egg Rolls from my childhood!


And Handyman Husband was thrilled to give his present to Daddy!  It was payback as Granddaddy does an extreme gift wrapping job!  Love HH’s artwork of the C130!


Elizabeth helped herself to the whipped cream!  After all, she cut and served the pie to all!


And Daddy with his birthday Strawberry Pie!


Mother cooked a delicious Greek meal on Sunday as we enjoyed Uncle Christopher’s visit!


And to top it off, Daddy enjoyed another favorite…my Yaya’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake!  Hope your weekend was a great one!

Enjoy the day!


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