Happy Birthday America and Outdoor Dining

It was a beautiful 4th of July here in Little Rock!  We were blessed with the best of weather last week!  Hoping you and yours had a Happy 4th…


Here’s to the red, white, and blue!

And this time of year is fantastic for outdoor dining by taking advantage of the summer evenings!  We enjoy eating on the screened in porch when it’s not too terribly hot…

IMG_1420The Hunter clan enjoys a “Carpet Picnic” from time to time!  It consists of a variety of cheeses, salami, fruit, and our favorite “Brie Concoction!”  And during the summer, we enjoy the “carpet picnic” outdoors on the screened-in porch!

IMG_1424Using wax paper as “cheese markers” is great for easy cleanup!

IMG_1425One of my favorite cheeses has to be Saint Andre’ thanks to a Culinary Club outing at the lake one time!  It’s creamy and spreads just like butter!


And this Brie topped with chopped fresh tomatoes, basil (I use the basil in a tube…brilliant because it keeps well and you can use as much as you need!), olive oil, and salt and pepper is super delicious!  We eat this year round and especially love it during the summer months!


We enjoy our carpet picnic with crostini…easy peasy!  Sliced French bread (We like the 9-grain!), spray with Canola oil, and add a bit of Cavender’s Greek seasoning!  Bake for a few minutes and you have some toasty treats!


I use my Silpat baking mats my Yaya gave me for everything in the oven!  Makes for easy cleanup too!

IMG_1429I use this terracotta planter as a serving tray!

IMG_1422It’s a great summertime meal while dining outdoors!

What summertime meals have you been serving?

Enjoy the day!


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