Natural Details

Nature surrounds us!  There’s nothing like taking a stroll and really taking in all of the natural details.  It’s sometimes hard to do that…taking a stroll and slowing down.  But when we do, it seems we breathe a bit easier and enjoy our surroundings.  For me, the natural details are becoming more and more part of my home…

IMG_5437I still adore my wooden bowl of goodies (rocks, shells, and antlers from our Bunny Williams trip!), and the turtle shell I scored last fall!

IMG_7126And you may remember the tropical plant I added to the bedroom!

IMG_7144I had intentions of this ivy growing and growing filling up the base of the plant; however, the ivy had other plans.  I am glad it did because now this plant graces the entry hall with some natural found beauties!

IMG_4326Here she stands, and every time I pass her I’m reminded of nature!

IMG_4327Believe it or not, these natural elements tell a story!


IMG_4329Each item was picked up for some reason.  Whether it be its beauty, texture, or where I was in the moment!

IMG_4331This silver plate tray was bought because I loved it!  Did I have a spot in mind at the time of its purchase?  No, but I quickly found one!

IMG_4333I’m a sucker for anything with “feet” or that sits on a pedestal!

IMG_4334So each time I see this tropical plant filled with natural details, I smile!  It brings me back to nature and allows me to breathe a bit easier and take that stroll I so enjoy!

Enjoy the day and happy weekend!


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