5 Minute Plant Makeovers

I had some time this morning to tackle a couple of planting projects.  Two projects that have been sitting in their original plastic pots for a few weeks now.  Little did I know these projects would take about 5 minutes each to complete…

IMG_4336This tropical plant was bought several weeks ago and has been sitting in the living room in this plastic pot!

IMG_4338And I bought this fabulous bamboo tortoise shell planter at an antique mall longer than I’ve had the plant!

IMG_4339Planting this Peace Lily (which I had never seen this variety before) and placing it in its new home took 5 minutes!

IMG_4341I added some moss to cover the dirt and as you can see it has a new leave unfolding (it’s the second one)!


IMG_4356Here she now sits in the same spot but in a much nicer home!

IMG_4354And I added these natural details…I picked up the piece of wood in front of my home, and the oyster shells are leftover from a little project I just completed!

IMG_4343This next project literally took 5 minutes!  I have had this terra-cotta planter for some time!  I thought the ivy was perfect!

IMG_4345I first filled the bottom of the terra-cotta pot with packing peanuts.  I learned this trick at one of my garden club meetings.  It makes for a much lighter container since you’re not using as much soil!

IMG_4349And it’s complete!  Two different types of ivy…I loved the topiary style for height, and the cascading ivy fills the base!

IMG_4347This container has its own patina which I adore!

IMG_4346Overall, I’m pleased as punch with these super easy 5 minute plant makeovers!  I can’t believe I waited this long…lesson learned!

What have you been planting this summer?

Enjoy the day!



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