Oyster Shell Lamps

As I little girl, I loved to collect seashells!  And even as an adult, I have enjoyed doing the same activity with my daughter.  Many bags of seashells have come home with us from the beach, and they have sat in a closet until now.  One of my favorite shells is the oyster shell.  I love its textural outside and how it’s beautiful and smooth on the inside.  I am inspired by anything “shell” like and realized I had the perfect canvas to create an oyster and seashell project…

IMG_1194Remember these table lamps!  Read about their transformation here!

Although I loved their new look, they just weren’t reaching their full potential until now…


I’m so pleased with the results!

IMG_4380Can we say time consuming, but in the end, it was all worth it!

IMG_4383It was a true joy placing each piece!  Just as I tell my clients…decorating is like a puzzle, it all comes together once the pieces are in place!

IMG_4392Here is the mate!

IMG_4397I adore their texture, and the shells give them substance!

IMG_4410For now, they’re happy in the bedroom, but you never know where they’ll end up next!

What crafty projects have you been up to?

Enjoy the day!


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